Position title
Lead SAP SD Consultant: Design, develop, and implement SAP Sales and Distribution (SD) modules and solutions to meet the strategic business objectives of client companies. Work with business analysts and technology stakeholders to analyze business requirements and determine potential software solutions and SAP application enhancements. Collaborate with program-level architects to map systems architecture and assist with the overall system design. Create project flow and mapping documents to outline the data flow from sources to targets. Provide detailed designs, Proof of Concept (PoC) documents, technical analyses, cost estimates, and resource planning for SAP integration projects. Create, review, and finalize designs and technical specifications and establish project scope, goals, budgets, phases, and timelines. Develop SAP and ABAP solutions, including system enhancements, interfaces, and data conversions in Sales, Order Processing, and Order Fulfillment modules. Develop and build business process management software to automate workflow, increase productivity and customer retention, and decrease company production costs. Verify the stability and reliability of system architecture throughout development and ensure it continues to deliver the required business value. Perform unit testing for each module and document the outcome of each test case. Perform software flow analysis of testing data and develop methods to increase the effectiveness and overall functionality of the automation design. Troubleshoot existing code, debug programs, prepare software tests, modify existing systems, and produce program documentation. Perform User Acceptance Testing (UAT) to ensure SAP solutions meet business and user objectives and perform updates, repairs, and extensions of existing systems functionalities to increase operating efficiency or adapt to new system requirements. Stay abreast of the latest trends and technological advancements relating to SAP software solutions.


Requirements: The position requires four years of experience in the job offered or a related SAP software position. The position requires skills and knowledge in SAP ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), SAP SCM (Supply Chain Management), SAP CRM (Customer Relationship Management), SAP S/4 Hana, Database and Data Management, Data Analytics, and SAP Cloud Deployment. The position involves little travel - 24% of work time several days but less than 60 days per year.

40 hours/week. Job Site: Houston, TX Email Resume to: Sai Business Solutions, LLC d/b/a SBS Corp. at hr@mysbscorp.com.

Working Hours
It is a regular full time 40 hours per week job
Date posted
February 12, 2021
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