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Electric, Connected & Autonomous Vehicles

Next-generation vehicle success requires advanced creative design, shared intelligence, systems engineering and multi-domain collaboration.

Quality, Regulations, Cost

Accelerate profitable new opportunities, while ensuring quality, fulfilling global/local requirements, and minimizing expenses.

Mass Production to Mass Customization

Improve visibility, efficiency, and control of manufacturing production and operations, within and across global/local plants.

New Customer Experience

Dream, explore, validate then seamlessly produce bold new mobility options for demanding global consumers.


Production of One

Adopt a smart and flexible business environment to develop and deliver personalized products more rapidly than ever before

Intelligent Connected Systems

Connect systems, people and data to streamline multiple disciplines, drive innovation and generate more business

New Selling Experience

Move beyond simply selling products. Provide customized experiences that raise your customers’ level of satisfaction and deepen brand loyalty

Product as a Service

Keep operations running smoothly and expand after-sales revenue potential by including servicing needs at the beginning of the product development process

Data Economy

Invest in systems and skill sets that allow you to capitalize on big data and use advanced analytics to improve business profitability


The New Consumer

Consumer behavior and preferences are shifting faster than ever and companies must react more quickly to deliver meaningful innovation on shorter timelines

Margin Pressure

Investor pressure is mounting for companies to drive sustainable growth and increase profits with the same or fewer resources

Regulatory Compliance

Expand and modify portfolios to support health and wellness trends and manage regulatory compliance efficiently.

Production Complexity

Demand for more personalized products is leading to an increase in SKUs.  Managing production complexity to provide the right product at the right time is critical

The Last Mile

Consumer are dictating how and when they receive products forcing companies to use agile new models for product delivery


Be Agile and Responsive

Foster your organization’s speed and efficiency by perfectly orchestrating the broad spectrum of skills and resources across engineering and

business disciplines.

Make Product Experiences

Place the customer in the center of your innovation for delivering optimal experiences that are connected, contextual and continuously improved.

Master Margin Pressures

Create sustainable business with first-of-a-kind innovation, delivered by a flexible and efficient, global value and production chain.

Reinvent the Marketplace

Whether threat or opportunity – disruptive change can happen any time

Reduce Business Complexity

Turning complexity to become a competitive advantage, with data-driven and model-based collaboration on a single platform


Personalized Health

Develop a holistic approach to care that encompasses genomics, behavior and the environment, leveraging technology advancements

Total Quality

Drive your global regulatory strategy while ensuring unmatched quality, safety and efficacy

Knowledge Capitalization

Connect systems, people and data in a virtual ecosystem to drive innovation and generate competitive advantage

Development and Manufacturing Excellence

Transform Development and Manufacturing Operations to meet the market demands

Reinventing the Value Chain

Reinvent the value chain and partnerships to accelerate your business.


Increasing Regulatory Oversight

How can you transform regulatory scrutiny into a competitive advantage?

Changing Customer Demands

How can you leverage technology to address the demands of an increasingly exigent customer base?

Emerging Disruptive Technologies

How are innovative digital technologies providing you with new opportunities for value creation?

Increased Environmental Regulations

Optimize logistics across the supply chain to strengthen sustainability

Competitive Dynamics Landscape

In a fiercely competitive and fragmented market, how can you gain competitive advantage?


Disruptive Innovation

Accelerate from concept to delivery from years to months.

Design to Cost

Accelerate program maturity from concept to manufacturing while driving 40-60% of cost out.

Agility of Rate

On target the first time every time from initial delivery, to ramp up and adjustments for ongoing production.

Supply Chain Reinvention

Drive integration to improve visibility, on-time delivery and first-time quality.


Innovation & Profitability

Build competitive advantage to add value, counter growing complexity, and boost revenue and margin

Health, Safety, Environment & Social License

Facilitate compliance by efficiently managing regulations, contracts, and requirements

Managing Complexity & Risk

Improve construction and operations agility and deliver on time and on budget

Market Uncertainty

Offset price volatility with business improvement that brings agility to adapt to changing market conditions

Workforce Dynamics

Create an engaging and productive work environment


Sustainable, Secure and Resilient Future

For cities to remain vibrant entities, they must be continuously renewed and revitalized, while having the ability to replenish resources.

Respect the Art

Architecture is a creative pursuit. To build something beautiful and to make a positive impact on the built environment are the rewards sought by

those called to the profession.

Modernize Craftsmanship

Modern tools and digitized knowledge are revolutionizing the art and science of buildings and infrastructure by allowing architecture, engineering

and construction professionals to gain precision and control.

Maximize Project Outcomes

Construction, Cities & Territories are undergoing drastic transformations to meet skyrocketing demand, to design more effectively and efficiently,

and to deliver at unprecedented speeds.

Create Collectively

Stakeholders of construction projects, cities, and territories need access to real-time information and way to seamlessly exchange

knowledge. Digital continuity increases the possibilities for shared authorship in project delivery and encourages collaboration across the supply chain.

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