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We understand that traditional systems are not capable for managing the data explosion in present organizations. Hadoop is, therefore, a global benchmark for managing, storing and processing enormous amounts of data.

Hadoop is a complete open source way of handling data. Hardware and systems installations for data management are expensive and not scalable. Hadoop works on the concept of distributed data processing across servers. There is no limit to the scalability of such management. You can process any amount of data without having the need to incur additional costs on development effort related to scaling. Hadoop enables organizations for realizing business value in data. It further lowers costs and enhances profits. The real question is to have an architecture that seamlessly fits into the existing system.

At SBS, we have delved deep into this problem and come up with solutions that are cost effective and scalable. We have hands on experience in this arena and, therefore, help organizations for devising data management strategies. We focus on insights for the acquisition, organization and analyses of data for best results.

Our especially designed consulting services include:

  • Big Data Strategy and Roadmap Planning Phase: We study the present architecture and scenario of the business and accordingly a roadmap is designed on how big data solutions can be beneficial. The primary aim is to align the solution to the IT strategy of the firm. Planning is essential and sets the tone for further incremental developments.  Everything has to take place in a phased manner for maximum benefits.
  • Use Case Discovery Phase : The key goal of any solution is to customize and find the best fit for the organization. We look forward to some sessions with the key personnel of the firm in order to study the current challenges. Through such sessions, we endeavor to explore how the organization is managing its data and how Hadoop and other Apache technologies can rightly overcome the problems. Such partnering with client gives mutual benefits making things easier and befitting.
  • Hadoop Application Design Phase: We comprehensively work with the client to build a Hadoop solution that caters to all the needs. We aim demonstrating to the client on how the Hadoop investment will be beneficial for their organization. The change any application can bring can be well understood and comprehended.
  • Hadoop Development Phase Organization Readiness/Preparedness/ Final Phase:  During this phase, we provide resources, consulting help to the client to help them develop application suited to their needs. The organization should be completely ready to accept the big change.
  • Hadoop Deployment and Operating Phase:  In this phase, we seek to deploy and operate the developed application. We also continually iterate on the applications to ensure that it remains scalable.
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