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SBS’ FlexUtility Business Solution delivers pre-configured and developed Best Business Practices for utility industry that enables the customer reap the benefit to rapidly implement. Our deployment comes with pre-built and tested end-to-end processes in a plug-and-play mode. Besides our offering comes with the following content that accelerates any complex utility implementation for Water or Gas or Electric or Waste management:

  • Pre-built Organization Structures
  • Over 100+ Pre-built end-to-end best practices
  • Master data templates
  • Data Conversion Utilities
  • Test Scripts
  • Training Manuals
  • User Procedures
  • Templates for all project deliverables

The retrofit for the gaps between on our demonstrated solution to your requirements would be easier than building the processes from bottom up. Therefore, FlexUtility speeds up the implementation on fast-track and gives significant savings on cost and reduces the overall implementation time by over 20% through-out the life of the project. Besides, we have various custom solutions that were built for several customers, especially for Utility industry in US, which can be leveraged to quick returns.

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