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Production Management:

Production is the key for manufacturing and process industries and the solution can improve the execution efficiency by user friendly and intuitive transactions. The product offers the following functionality.

  • Order confirmation
  • Operation confirmation
  • Component scrap
  • Cancel order confirmation

Inventory Management:

For all the organizations inventory management is quite central to not only to allow smooth delivery of goods to customers, but also to have more working capital available. The solution contains transactions to cover the following.

  • Goods receipt
  • For production order
  • For purchase order
  • With handling unit
  • Goods issue
  • For cost centre
  • For reservation
  • For production order
  • With handling unit
  • Transfer posting
  • Material to material
  • Plant to Plant

Quality Management:

  • Create quality notification
  • Create inspection lot
  • Record characteristic results
  • Record usage decisions
  • Record defects
  • For inspection lot
  • For operation
  • For characteristic

Plant Maintenance:

Plant maintenance function helps to keep the machinery in good condition so that it not only maximizes the uptime of the machinery, but also improves the quality of the products being produced. The following plant maintenance transactions are packaged into the product.

  • Create maintenance order
  • Plant maintenance order confirmation
  • Create service notification
  • Cancel order confirmation

Warehouse Management:

While Inventory management focuses on stocks and goods movements, the actual stock placements and removals via warehouse management facilitates to choose a precise location. Although SAP provides quite a few RF transactions, the product consists of other missing ones along with standard ones. The options available are

  • Stock transfers
    • Bin to Bin
    • Warehouse to Warehouse
    • Storage location to storage location
  • All standard transactions for Put Away, Picking and Transfers.
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