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Why FlexMobEx?

With FlexMobEx, ITS Solution is designed to implement quickly to reap the benefits rapidly, depending up on your business requirements either you can choose one of FlexMobEx's rapid products which cover a set of mobile transaction or we can suit the set of transaction as per your business requirements. You get only what your business needs; this will not only reduce the implementation time but also the associated cost to your organization.

Benefits of FlexMobEx

  • Pool of SAP Standard and Custom Mobile transactions to choose from, hence reducing the additional development time there by reducing the lead time to implement.
  • Optimize Performance Across the Board
  • Faster Data Entry
  • Accurate Data Capture
  • Consistent Data Input
  • Less Data input by using FlexMobEx Process Models
  • Intuitive and Ergonomic Screen layout
  • Increase Efficiency and Productivity
  • No Middleware required; hence reduce the cost of additional server and implementation time. All it needs is a SAP Netweaver installation as a standard.
  • Your existing backend custom development will remain intact and can be re-used with the new approach.
  • Object’s based approach for the back end process design
  • No need for expensive interface with your backend SAP System
  • No duplication of master data as there the system will use the backend master data and does not store on the mobile device.
  • Real-time validation hence less scope for error. This also means no monitoring and error processing required
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