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A Flexible Mobile Execution System :

FlexMobEx is a complete and flexible Real-Time data collection system for key SAP application areas using radio frequency mobile devices or Web enabled PDA's to increase productivity, achieve 100% data accuracy, reliability and speed; there by reducing the operational cost and increase the efficiency, and Profit.

To remain competitive, in today's fast changing and increasingly competitive market environment; businesses must achieve sustainable operational efficiency where ever possible in its business functions and operations. Further companies are optimizing their entire value chain to eliminate inefficiencies and reduce the operational cost there by improve profitability; this is made possible with reliable, accurate and real-time data transfer across its value chain through the use of mobile hand held devices for data collection and transaction execution with speed and reliability.

A Mobile Solution for SAP Customers :

FelxMobEx is a unique product that offers a flexible mobile solution developed for SAP customers which provides a suite of mobile transactions together with essential tools to optimize the value chain. The solution, which is based on ITS mobile technology, helps to integrate all the existing mobile transactions be it SAP or non-SAP, thereby providing a unified set of transactions to the user. In other words the existing solutions of customers are intact and therefore the customers can save their IT investment. The solution is built of robust frame work, using objected oriented technology, so that customers can customize the solution to their needs without many changes.

Key Capabilities :

Taking the strength of SAP standard frameworks, the FlexMobEx is designed to deliver benefits in application areas where execution is very important. While the solution is flexible to add new transactions including other internet services, it provides the following capabilities.

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