OnDemand Services

SBS leverages its mature Offsite/offshore/Onsite delivery model to serve customers/projects who are sourcing similar set of services from SBS in specific skill areas. Our on-demand services portfolio encompass solution deployment range from a specific technical need to enterprise wide support for an application or complete suite of applications. We provide consulting services in multiple packages to provide the most cost effective to have our customers benefit by "incident based change".

SBS' Shared Delivery Model:

  • Provides Substantial Cost Savings
  • Enables flexible (shared pool) resourcing strategies while retaining core knowledge base
  • Leverages best practices from different parts of the delivery organization
  • Focus on ensuring 'lessons learnt' in similar projects are leveraged for every new start-up

A cluster could form based on the following and bound together by:

  • Commonality of scope (SAP Version, ex: ECC, CRM or Solution, ex: ISU, or Module, ex: SM, FI, SD, MM etc)
  • Nature of services (Support and Development)
  • Support coverage (shift operations etc).
  • SBS determines the support resources requirements after careful introspection of the business needs and offers resources in all locations and the mix
  • Service response time mentioned above is indicative. Different packages and Service levels are being offered by us
  • A lower package is always initiated and upgrade to higher as both SBS and customer gain comfort on the service

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